BOTH - Two Lightroom Preset Packs

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BOTH - Two Lightroom Preset Packs

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A pack of fourteen Adobe Lightroom presets that are the complete set of HAZY and HEAVY. Use these to bring new life and explore very different styles of editing. These will often have subtle effects on your photos that will take them to the next level!


  1. Cali Pinky (on the cover)

  2. Cool n Smooth

  3. Dreamy Film

  4. Faded B&W

  5. Golden Glow

  6. Self Portrait

  7. Two Tone Hazy


  1. Gritty Flash (on the cover)

  2. Heavy B&W

  3. Purple Fun!

  4. Rich Dark

  5. Smoulder

  6. Tighten Up

  7. Two Tone Heavy

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