I have always typically preferred the company of women. In high school, my primary friend groups consisted of girls, and when I first came to college, most of my closest friends were women. Along with this general attraction, I have always found that I enjoy making pictures of them the most. Both candid and posed, they are my favorite subjects. This could be due to general aesthetic appeal to me, or it could be that women are more willing to be in pictures. However, it seems more to stem from my comfortability with women over men. I’ve never felt quite comfortable or safe in a space occupied exclusively of men; both literal and figurative spaces. The source of this comfortability issue is unclear. Having primarily female friendships and relationships throughout my formative years has shaped who I am in many ways.

This series explores women that I come into contact in my life, and what I have learned from them. I’ve attempted to explore my own comfortability, and how that has affected me. I’ve tried to explore the women in my life as they are, not as celebrities, models, objects, or anything more or less than what they are to me; friends and role models.


This project was for my Color Photography class.